venerdì 7 gennaio 2011


il prossimo 22 Gennaio ci sarà la trentesima edizione dello Sketchcrawl, viste le temperature e le poche ore di luce abbiamo pensato di ritrovarci a Milano al Museo della Scienza e delal Tecnica alle 11 di mattina.
Ci vediamo lì!

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AutumnLeaves ha detto...

I wish I could read Italian, Andrea! I've been out of the loop for about 4 months so have missed much of your work from these past days. The cuts of pork hanging from hooks was a tad startling to see but what an exercise for an artist! You've done them so very well! Looking forward to seeing what is next!

Andrea Longhi ha detto...

I added the translator in my blog, did you see it?
Now you only choise "inglese" to read the posts.

see you soon!