lunedì 22 giugno 2009


Hi guys,
I'm going to do my sketchcrawl during "CELTICA" -
International Festival of Celtic Music,
Art and Culture - 13th edition Courmayeur/Val Veny -
Aosta - Bard (Valle d'Aosta - Italy)
I'm sure it's gonna be great: artists, musicians, dancers,
people dressed in celtic costumes, a lot of beer and
a wonderful landscape.
At the moment we are a handful of sketchers (seven or eight),
but I'm sure someone else will join us.
I hope some friends from France will come too!

The meeting is fixed at 11 a.m. near the ticket office.
I haven't a map of the place so we'll must play it by ear :)

qui trovate il link al forum ufficiale

see you!

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